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Kidney Cars Get Good Carma! Donate During National Kidney Month!

It’s easy to turn any vehicle, running or not, into a Kidney Car during National Kidney Month! One in three Americans is at risk for kidney disease. The proceeds from your donated vehicle will help fund awareness, prevention and treatment for millions of patients and their families.

Just complete our easy-to-use online vehicle donation form, or call one of our donation specialists at 877-557-1CAR.

Let’s make March big for the National Kidney Foundation. Donate today!


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Donation Process.
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Choose your non-profit charity

One Car One Difference is involved with fundraising organizations nationwide. See the list, learn more about the charities, and select the one you would like to support by donating your car. You can choose one of our Benefactor Charities, or any other participating charity you like.

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Give us your contact information - you do not have to be the vehicle's title holder to serve as our contact.

Tell us about your donation vehicle - information like year, make, model, and approximate mileage is required. We'll also ask whether or not you are in possession of the vehicle's title.

If you have questions or want to donate a car by phone please call 1-877-557-1CAR

Click here for our online vehicle donation form.

IAA Tows the Vehicle

At no cost to you, we'll come and pick up your charity car donation and tow it to the nearest IAA auction location.

Or, if your donation vehicle still runs and drives, you can drop it off yourself if you prefer. It's up to you!

For IAA location information use the online form or call 1-877-557-1CAR

IAA Auctions the Vehicle

We'll clean up your donation vehicle and present it at its best at auction, to help bring the highest sales price to help your charity.

Potential buyers all around the world will have the chance to preview and bid on every donation vehicle live during the auction.

We take care of all title and sale-related paperwork for you - just sit back and wait for your sales receipt in a few weeks.

Donor Gets Sales Receipt to File for Tax Deduction

Every auto donation is different, and rules can change from state to state.

See our FAQs, visit the resources listed there, and ask your tax advisor for your specific opportunities.

Charities Get the Proceeds

Here's the best part.

The cash your donation car sells for at auction will go to the non-profit organization you designate. They'll use it to help the people, animals, programs and communities they serve - and you will have helped someone in need.

Then tell your family and friends how easy it is for them to make a difference by donating a car, too!